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Where Did Your Heart Go?

聆聽George Michael的慢板歌,就是讓人著迷!

這首歌是WHAM 在1986年的最後一張專輯的歌曲,每次一聽到這首歌,整個人的心就彷彿飛到好遠的地方!


"Where Did Your Heart Go?"

I spend my nights down on the wharf
In unlit alleyways
By the church downtown
Where Sally prays
Come down sometime
We'll share a rusty can of corn...
And listen to the radio
I love you, I love you, it says...

Where did your heart go
Did you put it on a train
Did you leave it in the rain
Or down in Mexico

You cry, but I don't know
I've heard it all before
There it goes again, the slamming of the door
Sometimes the river calls me
And at night it calls my name
Says "put your troubles down beside me"
Things have always been the same...
And rock 'n' roll won't teach me
What the river said that night
I jumped into this beauty
And drifted out of sight...



從2006年George Michael已經開始在歐洲巡迴演唱『George Michael 25live』,HERE I AM 的震撼聲光開場音樂和極簡舞台設計,真讓人屏息以待,期待能親眼看到他的現場演場!


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